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Happi Feet Faux Fur Slippers

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$34.99 USD
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$34.99 USD

Uhmmm hello the epitome of HAPPY FEET.  
Fun meets fashion- it's our sweet spot. Cute, cozy, fun and smiley?! An instant lounge wear upgrade. 

- Faux fur/sherpa lined for the COZIEST feet 
- Slipper style so comfy & cozy best for lounging around the house and working from home - duh 
- Rubber sole on the bottom 
- Iconic smiley patch like front 
- Black outside, tan inside ( A dupe for *that brand* but cuter ya know)
- Will you ever take them off? Probs not

Sizing guide 
Small- 5-7 
Medium- 7.5-8.5
Large- 9-10
In between sizes, size up :)